As protesters raged, chanted and got arrested outside of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office, the three legislative leaders met twice with the governor on Thursday in an attempt to hash out a budget deal.

Earlier in the day, lawmakers announced that “table targets” – essentially spending levels for budget conference committees – had been agreed to.

The move added some education spending: $240 million – a figure far less than what the Democratic-led Assembly had wanted.

But for now, no agreements were made on spending levels for universal pre-Kindergarten, Sens. Dean Skelos and Jeff Klein, along with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver confirmed.

“We’re not close on anything until we’re close on everything,” Silver told reporters.

Cuomo, meanwhile, declared that his effort to “freeze” property taxes on the local level is his top priority in the $142 billion proposal.

The Senate’s one-house budget resolution altered the proposal, while the Assembly rejected it outright and added more spending for the circuit-breaker mechanism.

“We all have a lot of most important items in our budget resolutions,” Silver said.

He also warned against “lands in the sand” that could inhibit negotiations.

“It’s a series of compromises,” Silver said. “As long as there are no lines in the sand we’re most likely to succeed.”

Skelos, meanwhile, called gap elimination aid for education “critically important.”

He also downplayed the differences between his GOP conference and Cuomo on property tax relief.

“With us the bigger the better,” he said. “We want to make sure there’s property tax relief.”

The Dream Act, meanwhile, was not discussed in today’s meetings, Klein said.

Lawmakers who support the legislation have demanded to meet with Cuomo to urge him to take a larger role in shaping the measure and fold it into the state budget.

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