A lawsuit filed by state lawmakers seeking to quash subpoenas from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Moreland Commission on Public Corruption has been pushed into April, according to court documents filed this week.

Lawyers for the Senate and Assembly launched the challenge to the Moreland Commission’s authority when the panel first issued subpoenas to gain more information on lawmakers’ outside income.

The Legislature has asserted the commission does not have the authority to investigate a separate branch of government.

However, the Moreland Commission argues that the power bestowed by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman gives them the authority beyond investigate the executive branch.

Lawyers for the attorney general’s office and the law firms representing the Senate and Assembly had initially agreed in December for a March 17 adjournment.

But court documents filed on Monday now give an adjournment deadline of April 7.

The new date gives both Cuomo and state lawmakers some potential breathing room in the ongoing state budget negotiations.

Cuomo is seeking a package of ethics and anti-bribery measures to be included in the budget, along with beefed up campaign-finance enforcement and the public financing of political campaigns.

Document (3) by Nick Reisman