Republican Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino is yet to formally announce his candidacy for governor, but NARAL Pro-Choice New York is already taking him to task for his stance on abortion.

The group released a statement this morning knocking Astorino’s opposition to abortion — a likely taste of what’s to come in a campaign featuring a social conservative in Democratic heavy New York.

From NARAL’s Andrea Miller:

“Rob Astorino is expected to announce today that he wants to be the next Governor of New York. Yet, he has shown flagrant disregard for the core values of the millions of pro-choice New Yorkers. Astorino has at every turn demonstrated a profound lack of respect for women’s fundamental rights and basic health care needs. Astorino has a long history of showing his hostility to women’s health and rights. As Westchester County Executive, he repeatedly undermined women’s and teens’ access to reproductive health care and information. In the buildup to his gubernatorial campaign, he dismissed concerns about the erosion of women’s reproductive rights and took every opportunity to fear monger about the highly popular and necessary Women’s Equality Act, even calling its protections for pregnant women’s health ‘hideous.’ Rob Astorino is bad for women and bad for New York. And NARAL Pro-Choice New York will make sure that New York voters understand the threat he poses to our most basic health and rights.”

Keep in mind, though, that despite Astorino’s opposition to both abortion and same-sex marriage, he has been successful in Westchester County, where Democrats outnumber the GOP 2-to-1 by largely focusing on fiscal issues.

The success of winning two terms in the suburban county is expected to be a major selling point for his candidacy against Cuomo, a Democrat who is moderate on issues like taxes and spending, but has championed gun control, the women’s agenda and, of course, the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York.

At the same time, Cuomo could leave it to groups like NARAL and the Westchester County Democrats to knock Astorino while staying largely above the campaign fray — for now.