Earlier in the day Gov. Andrew Cuomo called the one-house budgets “Christmas wish lists” and, despite the unusual attention focused on the Senate’s plan this year, there is still something to that.

The Senate’s plan supports cutting both the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption’s contractual spending as well as the state’s funding for health exchange employees.

The Moreland Commission, currently investigating the state Legislature, is locked in a legal dispute with the state Legislature over whether it has the authority to probe a separate branch of government.

The Senate backs a plan that would deny $270,000 in spending for contract spending with Moreland.

At the same time, the budget would deny $1.1 million in assessments to fund health exchange employees.

The cut to the health exchange could be politically beneficial to some Republican members, including Sen. Lee Zeldin, a Suffolk County Republican in a GOP primary for a Congressional seat there.

Zeldin’s primary opponent, George Demos, has knocked Zeldin for approving budget bills that have federal funding for the Affordable Care Act