The state Senate’s one-house budget resolution pledges to “modify” Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal for ethics reform, including the public financing of political campaigns.

The language, obtained by Capital Tonight, shows that the Senate plans to alter what Cuomo proposed as part of his Article VII language in the $142 billion spending plan.

The proposals, part of the Public Trust Act, would create an Independent Chief Enforcement Counsel, create the public financing system and provide for increased enforcement.

But rather than a clear embrace of Cuomo’s ethics package, the Senate says in its budget proposal it plans to change it.

Here is how the language appears:

• PART H: The Senate proposes to modify Part H relating specifically to the Public Trust Act, the creation of an Independent Chief Enforcement Counsel, and Campaign Finance Reform and Public Campaign Finance to increased transparency and disclosure measures, provide for increased enforcement, adopt a system of public campaign finance, and strengthen provisions of the public officer’s law and penal code to enhance the integrity of governmental and electoral processes in New York State.

The “modify” aspect of this is open to broad interpretation as to whether the Senate is simply supporting an alternative to the public financing proposal or push a separate ethics overhaul plan.