Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver called the budget “on balance” a good spending plan for New York, but expressed dissatisfaction with both compromises on charter school protections for New York City as well as a pilot program for public financing.

“I think there are a lot of good features in this budget,” Silver said. “This budget is all about compromise. There are things I would not like to see in this budget, but on balance I think it’s a good budget.”

On the plus side of the column, Silver pointed to the $300 million in pre-Kindergarten funding for New York City, as well as relief aimed at low-income renters.

But he pointed to concerns over protections for charter schools that had been pushed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in recent weeks.

“I think the charter school material is a little onerous on the city of New York, unprecedented compared to any other part,” Silver told reporters on the floor of the Assembly.

He added he wished the agreement on public financing that would create a year-long pilot program for the comptroller’s race had gone further.

“If I had a choice as we passed in our resolution a full campaign finance legislation of all offices for election,” Silver said. “But this is a good first step and after this experience we can evaluate what it’s like on a statewide basis and it can be an impetus for the future.”

Advocated for public financing are still pushing for a broader public financing package in the budget even after the bills have been printed.

Silver, meanwhile, insisted a spending plan is still on track to be passed before the April 1 deadline because appropriations measures are being. Several budget bills will not pass the aging requirement until after midnight tonight.

“The budget bills are done. The language may not be complete today,” Silver said. “That’s still a timely budget. The appropriations are perfectly on time. That’s the key.”