After Democratic lawmakers in the Assembly huddled privately to discuss a bill that would delay Common Core implementation until 2016, Speaker Sheldon Silver on Tuesday suggested changes to the measure may come.

No vote on the bill is expected today.

The proposal would delay Common Core implementation for teacher evaluations and student assessment by two years, and the roll out of a student data sharing program through July 2015.

Senate lawmakers, meanwhile, have been non-committal on the moratorium bill, but have not ruled out a delay in Common Core implementation for at least two years.

While lawmakers have been pushing for Common Core changes, Assembly Democrats on Monday in conference had a mixed reaction to the bill, which was introduced over the weekend. Several lawmakers who don’t usually speak at the closed-door meeting did register issues with the legislation.

While changes may come, Silver said the broad parameters of the bill are what parents want.

“We’re not going to vote on it today,” Silver told reporters on Tuesday. “We’re going to move it along, see if there are any changes that are necessary. I think it covers what parents in this state are talking about — that this is something that may be good in the long run, however the implementation of it was flawed.”

Silver also shrugged off the dueling rallies between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. Cuomo appeared at a rally for charter schools as de Blasio seeks to scale back the available space in New York City.

De Blasio, meanwhile, was up the street from Cuomo in Albany to attend a rally backing his proposal for universal pre-K.

“That’s Albany,” Silver said. “Everyone has a right to say what they want to say. We have brochures, you can lobby Albany. That’s it, at its finest.”