Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos on Tuesday said there’s “no support” in his Republican conference to allow New York City to increase its income tax to fund universal pre-Kindergarten and flatly ruled it out as being part of the budget.

“We’ve said — I’ve said it on numerous occasions,” Skelos said. “The income tax increase is not going to be voted on. It’s not going to be part of this budget.”

Skelos spoke this afternoon at a rally for charter schools alongside Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The rally came as New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio at a separate event just up the street pushed for universal pre-Kindergarten in the city with his plan that would tax those who earn $500,000 and more a year.

The proposal must be signed off by Albany. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver at at union reception this morning said the tax hike as proposed by de Blasio is still on the table.

Likewise, IDC Sen. Jeff Klein, who shares the Senate presidency with Skelos, supports the tax increase and wants a “dedicated funding stream” for pre-K.

But the plan faces stiff Republican opposition in the Senate.

“There’s no support for the income tax in my conference,” he said.

As for the statewide proposal, Cuomo’s plan would fund pre-K at $1.5 billion over five years, with $100 million spent in the first year.

Skelos sidestepped a question as to whether the Senate in its one-house budget will push for more money in the pre-K plan.

“We’re going to submit the amount of money that’s necessary to get pre-K going throughout the state,” he said.