Rob Astorino, the Westchester County executive and Republican candidate for governor, told reporters on Tuesday he would love the endorsements of both Donald Trump and 2010 Republican nominee for governor Carl Paladino.

However, Astorino doesn’t think he needs the formal support from either to be successful.

“I don’t need it, no. First of all, I don’t think endorsements matter at all, to be honest with you,” Astorino said. As a voter and people around this state they’re going to choose between two candidates and how they feel about them. To have someone endorse you I don’t think matters much at all.”

Astorino, along with Trump and Paladino, were at the Capitol today to appear a rally against the gun control law known as the SAFE Act.

Trump, of course, flirted with running for governor this year only to declare on Twitter he ultimately would focus on something larger.

Nevertheless, Trump courted and was courted by local county party chairs who invited them to their Lincoln Day dinners across the state in February.

Trump happily obliged and drew record crowds.

Paladino, meanwhile, has indicated he would not run for governor this year, either and is instead focusing his energies on a “Draft Trump” movement for governor as well.

Both Paladino and Trump seem like Astorino personally, who lines up with conservative views on most issues.

Part of the concern, though, from the Paladino camp is that Astorino won’t be able to take on Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his $33 million war chest in November or have the name recognition to compete.

Trump has both money and star power, they argue.

Astorino dismisses these concerns out of hand, pointing to a little known state senator (George Pataki) in 1994 unseating Gov. Mario Cuomo. At the same time, Astorino has insisted he’ll be able to raise enough money to compete with the incumbent governor.