Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino on Tuesday scoffed at the newly approved $138 billion budget agreement, telling reporters in Albany that he would have allowed the spending plan to be late a week in order to get a more fiscally sound agreement.

Astorino, the Westchester County executive, is in Albany to appear at a pro-gun rights rally outside of the Capitol that also features 2010 Republican nominee Carl Paladino and TV mogul Donald Trump.

Astorino knocked the budget as “the same old, same old status quo in New York.”

He singled out what has been considered the signature piece of the budget for both Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos, a $1.5 billion property tax rebate program as a “gimmick” in an election year.

“We’ll start with the property-tax gimmick rebate checks that I’m assuming it will not only have Andrew Cuomo’s name on it, but maybe his face smiling on it in October,” Astorino said. “That does nothing, nothing to change to the equation. It will continue to devastate local schools and towns and village and cities and counties who struggling under these mandates none of which were dealt with. It’s the same old stuff with an election-year twist.”

When it was pointed out Senate Republicans have praised the budget agreement as well, Astorino gave them credit for shoring up the framework: “I’m grateful for the Senate Republicans, because this budget would have been a disaster without their help.”

Cuomo earlier in the morning touted four on-time budgets in row, complete with a baseball analogy that the state had hit a “grand slam” with the streak.

But Astorino dismissed the achievement in process, which he said came at the expense of substance.

“What’s in the budget is more in important than when it gets done,” he said. “Woo-hoo you got the budget done on time! Well, that’s what you’re supposed to do. I would have waited a week to change things in this budget, to change the direction of this state to make it better. But politically he wanted to say he got an on-time budget. Less important what’s in it, more important how he got it done.”