The 10-point women’s agenda — a package of measures that includes a plank that strengthen the state’s abortion laws — as well as the stalled Dream Act bill will be part of a post-budget legislative session push by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

And if the Legislature fails to pass the women’s agenda, the Dream Act and public financing, Cuomo plans to make them campaign issues.

“Remember my friends, where the legislative session ends, the campaign dialogue begins,” he told the crowd.

The governor made the vow at a meeting of the Democratic Rural Conference in downtown Albany Friday evening.

All measures are friendly to the base of the Democratic Party as Cuomo gears up for re-election against Republican candidate Rob Astorino and faces questions from liberal advocates on his fiscal agenda favoring tax cuts and business incentives.

The women’s agenda was first proposed by Cuomo back in 2013, but ultimately faltered in the Legislature.

The Democratic-led Assembly approved the full 10-point omnibus bill, including the measure aimed at codifying the Roe v. Wade decision.

The Senate, under a coalition of Democrats and Republicans, approved nine of the 10 measures after Cuomo broke the bills into separate pieces of legislation.

Nine of the 10 planks — which ranged from anti-human trafficking laws to pay equity protections — were approved, but the abortion provision was not taken up (Sen. Jeff Klein attempted to attach the measure as an amendment to another bill, it was voted not germane).

Of the women’s agenda Cuomo said, “If they don’t pass it, we’re going to have a discussion during the dialogue and we’re going to have a dialogue about women and we’re going to say do you support women? Do you support women equality?”

The Dream Act faces an uncertain future in the state Senate as well after the measure was not approved by the chamber after falling short by two votes last month.

The bill would provide tuition assistance to the children of undocumented immigrants.

The speech before the DRC — a key political constiutuency for Cuomo — was one of the more vocal moments that Cuomo has pushed for and publicly embraced the Dream Act.

Likewise, Cuomo has not mentioned the women’s agenda much this year as he focused mostly on fiscal issues during the state budget negotiations.

A focus on both base friendly measures could benefit Cuomo this spring as he seeks to consolidate liberal support in the Democratic Party.

Astorino does not support abortion.

While Astorino has faulted Cuomo for not publicly backing the Dream Act after it failed in the Senate, says he supports a different measure that would raise money from private sources.