Gov. Andrew Cuomo hasn’t shown much of a willingness to take up changes to the 2013 law laying down criteria for teacher evaluations.

But with the ink drying on the state budget, Cuomo told reporters in the Red Room on Tuesday he plans to address changes to the law as school districts across the state continue to grapple with the Common Core education standards.

The governor in a news conference on Tuesday morning noted the just-approved state budget takes steps to slow the implementation of the standards when it comes to counting examination results for student assessment and on their permanent record.

Now Cuomo, who had initially opposed altering the law, says with the student assessment changes comes the need to revisit the teacher evaluation measure.

“We have to deal with the issue of the effect of Common Core on teacher evaluations. If you said Common Core testing was premature for students and you just halted the grades on the transcript, then what is your opinion about the impact of Common Core testing on teacher evaluations and what should be done? That is an issue that we have not addressed and we need to address before the end of session in my opinion.”

The statewide teachers union has been particularly vocal on Common Core assessment, saying the evaluation criteria under the new standards is treating teachers unfairly.