The “Astorino Truth Squad” — the rapid response unit for the state Democratic Committee — called on Republican candidate for governor Rob Astorino and GOP Chairman Ed Cox to support the resignation of Rep. Michael Grimm following his indictment.

“The NY GOP does a lot of talking, but when it comes to policing their own party’s ethical lapses, the silence is deafening,” the statement said. “A day after a Republican member of Congress was indicted for fraud and perjury, Ed Cox and Rob Astorino have suddenly gone mute when they should be calling for the immediate resignation of Congressman Grimm. New Yorkers deserve better than hypocritical, partisan and selective outrage at elected officials who violate the public trust. How long will Cox and Astorino turn a blind eye to corruption in their own house?”

Grimm, a Staten Island Republican running for re-election this year against Democrat Dominic Recchia, has said he plans to run for re-election this year despite his legal troubles.

The statement comes after Cox called for an investigation of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office for its reported involvement in the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption and its issuing of subpoenas. Astorino has also applauded U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s decision to take over documents generated by the commission which is winding down its work following an agreement on ethics legislation in the state budget.

Later in the afternoon, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone released a statement of his own. Bellone’s county will host the state Democratic convention next month, and the first-term county executive has been mentioned as a possible replacement on the statewide ticket for Lt. Gov. Bob Duffy.

“Ed Cox and Rob Astorino talk a good game about cleaning up corruption, but when it happens within their own house, they are silent,” Bellone said. “As leaders of the NY GOP, the Astorino ticket should disavow Michael Grimm and call on him to resign immediately. How long will the NY GOP and the Astorino ticket turn a blind eye to the conduct of corrupt Republican officials?”

Update: Astorino spokeswoman Jessica Proud says the campaign backs a “vigorous” investigation of both Grimm and Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Siver.

“We support the vigorous investigation of Congressman Grimm and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver,” she said. “Then a judge and jury can deliver a verdict. That’s what justice is supposed to look like.”