The state Democratic Committee on Tuesday responded to criticism of the $138 billion state budget by GOP candidate for governor Rob Astorino by pointing to the Republican lawmakers who supported the spending plan.

Earlier in the day, Astorino called the finalized agreement an “election-year budget” that included gimmicks like a property-tax rebate.

But the Democratic Committee Executive Director Rodney Capel in a statement in response pointed to the GOP support in the Senate and Assembly.

“Rob Astorino has left New Yorkers wondering who exactly he represents after disagreeing with almost every member of his party who voted in favor of a fiscally responsible budget that moves New York forward. When he can barely find a single member of his own party to agree with him, you have to wonder – what fringe faction does Rob Astorino represent? Just how out of touch is someone running to be standard-bearer of a party that overwhelmingly disagrees with him?”

Indeed, Senate Republicans in particular have more or less worked well with Cuomo, a Democrat enter the final year of his first term.

Republicans have touted a number of budget provisions, including the rebate program that is designed to wring cost savings from local governments.

Astorino in a gaggle with reporters gave credit to the Senate GOP for improving aspects of the budget, but said the buck essentially stops with the governor making the budget proposal.

“I’m grateful for the Senate Republicans, because this budget would have been a disaster without their help,” he said.