From the morning memo:

A post-budget session priority for Gov. Andrew Cuomo will be to overhaul the bi-state Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, a top aide said in an interview.

Secretary Larry Scwhartz told Liz Benjamin in a Capital Tonight interview that Cuomo will turn his attention in the coming weeks to a restructuring of the authority, which has come under a cloud following the so-called “Bridgegate” scandal involving aides to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Schwartz in the interview said the first item on Cuomo’s to-do list will be to modernize the New York City airports.

“You’re talking about tens of thousands of jobs,” Schwartz said. “There’s great economic development opportunities there.”

Schwartz said both Cuomo and Christie spoke about the airport modernization, which requires New York to take greater control of projects at JFK and LaGuardia, with the Garden State governor agreeing to let New York officials have the authority over the improvements.

But Schwartz also hinted at larger changes at the Port Authority, which oversees bridges, tunnels and other vital transportation infrastructure in New York City metropolitan area.

“He’s looking at making other structural changes at the Port Authority and he’s going to put a lot of time and effort into making that transformation,” Schwartz said of Cuomo. “I believe he has Governor Christie’s support in making other transformations.”

Christie, whose presidential ambitions have been wounded by the scandal involving lane closures at the George Washington Bridge, floated this week the possibility of splitting the authority in two

(Ironically, the sharing of the Port Authority by New Jersey and New York was originally a good-government reform meant to keep the agency out of the political process).

Cleaving the Port Authority may be easier said than done, according to current and past officials, including Pat Foye, the executive director and a Cuomo appointee.

“It’s a very challenging, important and complex endeavor,” Foye told The Wall Street Journal. “The assets and finances and financing streams are bi-state. It would be an extraordinarily challenging and difficult endeavor.”

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