Gov. Andrew Cuomo in his wide-ranging interview with the Crain’s editorial board blamed organized labor for the failure in part of a statewide public financing agreement in part because labor wouldn’t agree to limit its independent expenditure campaign spending this year.

The proposal to limit labor-backed IE groups was made by the Senate GOP as part of a public financing agreement.

Needless to say, the apparent compromise according to Cuomo wouldn’t fly.

The labor-backed WFP in a statement released on Monday responded to the claim, though it didn’t necessarily dispute the facts as relayed by Cuomo to Crain’s:

“We disagree with the Governor. Given the Supreme Court’s tilt in favor of the wealthy, there is no way to limit private money in politics. The right response is less about keeping private money out, and much more about getting public money in. That’s why the passage of a comprehensive system of publicly financed elections is the single most important reform that our democracy needs. The Governor’s diagnosis of the problem is inadequate, but there is still time to get it right.”

The contretemps, of course, come as the WFP is openly mulling not given Cuomo its ballot line this fall.