Republican Lee Zeldin, the state senator in a hotly contested GOP primary against George Demos, released a TV ad on Monday that further ties his opponent to House Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

In the ad, a female narrator gives a sunny biography of Zeldin’s ties to the Long Island congressional district, his military service and family.

Demos, on the other hand, is portrayed as being an ally of Pelosi, a deeply unpopular figure among Republicans.

The hook is that Demos’ father-in-law is a prominent Democratic fundraiser, which Republicans, as well as a super PAC, opposed to the Demos candidacy have pointed out repeatedly.

The Demos campaign has denied any help from Pelosi allies.

Here is the script:

Lee Zeldin is a dedicated family man. Serves as an Army Reserve Major. As state senator he successfully ended the MTA payroll tax. And Led the fight against Obamacare. George Demos. His campaign is funded by Nancy Pelosi’s team. Yeah that Pelosi. It’s why Demos has been called a Pelosi Republican. If you like Nancy Pelosi…