The rampage that left seven people dead doesn’t show the need for more gun control laws, but new ways of tackling mental health issues, GOP candidate for governor Rob Astorino said.

“Government failed. Here you had a person who is mentally unstable,” Astorino told reporters earlier at the Capitol. “Clearly this young boy had problems and yet the system failed him. That’s the issue here.”

Astorino pointed to his own efforts as county executive in Westchester in the wake of the Connecticut elementary school shooting in December 2012.

“It could have been prevented, but the mental health aspect is what we’re attacking in Westchester,” he said. “That’s the crux of the problem.”

Democrats have criticized Astorino for allowing gun shows at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, reversing a ban put in place by his Democratic predecessor, Andy Spano.

Astorino, added, however, that he doesn’t necessarily oppose the enhanced mental health provisions in the SAFE Act, a gun control package Gov. Andrew Cuomo pushed through in 2013.

“I have no problem with that,” Astorino said, but added, “I would repeal it and put a law in if we needed to and that would be bolstering the mental health in this state.”

Astorino’s running mate, Chemung County Sheriff Chris Moss, told reporters earlier he wasn’t opposed to all aspects of the SAFE Act, pointing to increased penalties for those who fire on first responders.