Gov. Andrew Cuomo may be shrugging off the potential primary challenge to former Rep. Kathy Hochul from Bill Samuels, but prominent Democratic women are not.

A trio of statements from former state Democratic Chairwoman Judith Hope, Assemblywoman Shelly Mayer and Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan re-affirmed support for Hochul’s bid for lieutenant governor alongside Cuomo and knock Samuels’ potential run.

“Mr. Samuel’s pledge to run a democratic primary challenge against Kathy would be unbelievably misguided and would be met with the full force of New York Democratic women’s dismay and disapproval,” Hope said in a statement. “The Working Families Party, whose creation I supported, should divorce themselves from this charade and immediately disavow this ego trip.”

Mayer in a statement urged Samuels not to run as well, saying she was “extremely disappointed” he would even raise the issue.

“Samuels should reconsider what he’s said and do what’s best for the people of New York state,” she said.

And Sheehan, the first woman to serve as mayor of the state’s capital city, said Hochul would provide a needed upstate voice to the ticket for Democrats.

“As an Upstate Mayor, I was very pleased to see Governor Cuomo select a fellow Upstate community leader to serve as Lieutenant Governor,” said Mayor Sheehan. “Congresswoman Hochul is a true Democrat and will bring the voice of all New Yorkers – particularly women – to the halls of state government. Her advocacy on behalf of Upstate New york will be of tremendous value when mayors like myself come to the capitol to find ways to help our communities. The last thing we need is a charade that will just distract from the work that we need to do to elect Democrats up and down the ballot this November.”

Cuomo earlier in the day said “anyone can run” for lieutenant governor, but pointed out Hochul would be the first Democratic woman to become lieutenant governor in a generation.