The state Democratic Committee on Thursday blasted the nomination speech by Republican candidate for governor Rob Astorino.

The committee, which has been acting as surrogates for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s re-election campaign, knocked the address for “doubling down on his ultraconservative” platform.

A spokesman for the party also singled out a video that criticized Cuomo for his comments critical of “extreme conservative” candidates in New York.

“In today’s speech we’ve learned that Republican Rob Astorino is doubling down on his ultraconservative right-wing agenda and the worst kind of gutter politics,” said spokesman Peter Kauffmann. “First Astorino opens his nomination with a dirty politics video trashing the Governor, and then he has the nerve to complain about mudslinging. Cheap political shots won’t distract New Yorkers from Republican Rob Astorino’s opposition to a woman’s right to choose, marriage equality and bipartisan gun safety laws. Tea Party Republicans have done enough damage in Washington, today’s speech made it abundantly clear that we don’t need them here in New York.”