Diane Ravitch, the public education advocate who was floated as a possible candidate for governor under the Working Families Party, says in a blog post Thursday evening she isn’t running.

“I have not sought this designation nor am I running for any political office,” she wrote. “There are many well-qualified candidates, and I expect that WFP will choose one of them.”

Ravitch added, however, that she hopes the labor-backed party challenges in some form Democratic incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo, especially on education issues.

Cuomo is a strong supporter of charter schools.

I hope that WFP mounts a vigorous campaign, especially on the issue of education, pointing out that the Cuomo administration has tolerated highly inequitable funding, limited the ability of districts to tax themselves to meet their needs, and shown preference for charter schools–which enroll 3% of the state’s children–over public schools.

The WFP meets on Saturday to select its candidates for office.

Party officials also considering nominating Zephyr Teachout, a Fordham University law professor or the WFP’s executive director, Dan Cantor.