Rep. Richard Hanna’s first TV ad seeks to address the criticism of his Republican primary opponent, Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney, that he isn’t sufficiently conservative to represent the 22nd Congressional District.

The 30-second spot, which hit the airwaves today, focuses on Hanna’s ties to upstate, his disdain for “bigger government,” his vote in support of repealing Obamacare and his support for 2nd Amendment rights. It makes no mention of his self-professed support for “women’s rights” (ie: abortion), which has contributed to his status of one of the most moderate members of his GOP conference in the House.

The ad notes in the tagline that Hanna is a Republican, which makes sense, since his only competition is in the June 24 GOP primary because there is no Democratic candidate running in the general. (Tea Party Michael Kicinski was kicked off the GOP ballot by the state Board of Elections due to insufficient signatures on his petitions). Local Republican Party officials and the NRCC are supporting Hanna against Tenney.

Hanna also has the Independence Party line, which gives him a spot on the November ballot regardless of what happens in the primary. Tenney passed up the opportunity to appear on the Conservative Party line in the general election, leaving herself the option of seeking re-election to her Assembly seat if she loses the primary.

The fact that Hanna is already up with an ad highlights the fact that he has far more in the way of resources than Tenney, though both candidates have loaned money to their own campaigns. Here’s the script of Hanna’s ad, titled “Home”:

“Upstate is my home. It’s where I built a business from the ground up and started a family. It’s a place I am committed to rebuilding. New Yorkers know personal responsibility matters and bigger government is not the solution. So I’ve voted to cut what we can’t afford, repeal Obamacare and protect our Second Amendment rights. I come home every weekend, listen to you and go back to work. 
I’m Richard Hanna and I approve this message.”