As the possibility of a Diane Ravitch-for-governor alternative is floated for the Working Families Party line, Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins complimented her work on education commentary.

“Diane Ravitch has brought the real facts and a commitment to quality public schools for all back into the debate about education reform,” he said in a statement. “I read her blog and I especially appreciated her most recent book, Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatizaton Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools. Indeed, because of our strong opposition to the teacher scapegoating, high-stakes testing, and charter school privatization pushed by Governor Cuomo, the Green Party nominated a progressive teacher, Brian Jones, as our candidate for Lt. Governor.”

Hawkins has made repeated overtures to the labor-backed WFP in recent weeks, which is openly mulling giving its line to someone other than Democratic incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Hawkins and Green Party leaders sent a letter to WFP officials recently opening up the idea of a joint effort against Cuomo.

Liberal advocates remain weary of Cuomo primarily over his support for charter schools as well as his tax policies.

“I don’t know where Ravitch stands other policies our Green campaign promotes, including public jobs for the unemployed, a $15 minimum wage, single payer health care, a ban on fracking, and progressive tax reform,” Hawkins added. “Nor do I know if she supports our goal of building an independent left party of the working class majority that is free to act without the compromising entanglements of the major parties with their wealthy corporate funders. However, democracy is best served by a full and open discussion of the issues. Ms. Ravitch would be a wonderful addition to the debate on education along with the Green, Democratic, and Republican candidates.”