As he delivered his speech accepting the Republican nomination for governor, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino on Wednesday mocked the flap over whether Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s girlfriend received the proper permits for upgrades to her home in New Castle.

Astorino opened his speech talking about meeting his wife Sheila while he was working at a local radio station.

It was Sheila who encouraged him to run for governor, he said.

And then the jokes begin:

But then talk started about a new kitchen, too. Sheila’s wanted us to get one for years. And I thought, wait a second. I see where this is going…

But you know what we found out? This is unbelievable. You actually need building permits to make home improvements. Did anyone here know that? And get this; it’s even crazier: your property taxes can go up when the renovations are done. Who knew?!

Even so, the dream kitchen is still in the cards, as well as the dream of helping to save this state.