Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Christopher Moss told reporters on Thursday he has had long conversations with gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino about a broad role in the administration.

The job of lieutenant governor is often thankless and has very little legal power vested in it.

But Moss, who was officially nominated today by Republicans at the state convention in Westchester County, says Astorino has assured him he will have an important role to play beyond presiding over the state Senate.

Moss, the Chemung County sheriff, added that he is “prepared” to become governor should it come to that, saying he would surround himself with advisors who would help him carry out the job.

Moss is the first black statewide candidate for New York Republicans.

However, he insists Astorino’s selection of him wasn’t based on race (He pointed to his opposition to the SAFE Act as an example of why he was picked).

“I wasn’t put on this ticket because of my color,” he said.

In the first gaggle for Moss since his nomination, Moss also knocked Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s economic record.

“Look where our state’s standing. He’s not doing a good job,” he said. “We gotta keep people from leaving the state.We gotta make it more business friendly. We have to look a job creation, and it’s just not happening.”