The New York arm of is polling its members to determine if they want to see a “progressive challenger” run against Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo this fall.

The left leaning organization sent out an email earlier today that cited a recent New York Times story laying out the unrest Cuomo is experiencing on his left and his efforts to mend fences with liberals ahead of the Working Families Party convention this coming weekend.

“We want to know where New York MoveOn members stand,” the email states. “This isn’t a formal endorsement vote – just a statewide membership survey to get a sense of what New York MoveOn members are thinking as a potential race shapes up.”

“…After we tally the responses, we’ll report back to MoveOn members across the state and share them with the media – so they know what progressives are thinking as the gubernatorial election gets under way.”

MoveOn, as you’ll recall, has been playing an outsized role in former NYC Councilman Oliver Koppell’s primary challenge to IDC Leader Jeff Klein, running an on-line petition calling on Koppell to get into the race, and then helping him raise campaign cash after he decided to go forward with a challenge.

As Capital NY reported this morning, Cuomo has made progress re-establishing his ties with the leaders of several of the unions that are key members of the Working Families Party, but it looks like many of the rank-and-file, with whom the endorsement decision ultimately rests, are less pragmatic and harder to convince.