Democratic fundraiser and political activist Bill Samuels confirmed in a lengthy statement he would not run for lieutenant governor after the Working Families Party over the weekend endorsed Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his running mate, former Rep. Kathy Hochul.

“I met with Kathy Hochul at her request this past Thursday and told her that, for me, this is entirely about Cuomo—it’s not about her. I expected at that time that the WFP would nominate an inspiring progressive woman for Governor, and I had planned to play a major supporting role in that campaign. Now, I’ve decided that if there isn’t a candidate against Cuomo for me to run with, I will not run for LG.”

Samuels adds that while he can’t “in good conscience” endorse Cuomo for re-election, he credited the leadership for the labor-backed WFP for dragging Cuomo to back their agenda with the takeover of the state Senate by Democrats at the heart of the plan.

“What’s more, getting Cuomo to sign on to their full agenda, in particular increasing the minimum wage, was an important victory for working families,” Samuels said. “Mayor Bill de Blasio is also owed a big debt of gratitude for his efforts in recent days to reunite the Working Families Party and the progressive movement.”

A trio of Democratic women had urged Samuels not to challenge Hochul for lieutenant governor, who is the only woman running in 2014 on either statewide ticket.