The president of the statewide teachers union on Thursday backed an agreement that would delay the impacts of Common Core testing on teacher evaluations, calling the move a “pause button.”

“We’re excited we’ve reached a tentative agreement,” Magee told reporters. “Teachers will now have the opportunity to be treated like the professionals they are.”

The agreement, along with a program bill introduced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo this afternoon, comes after the state budget agreed to delay aspects of the Common Core education standards for students.

The bill would suspend for two years evaluating teachers grade 3 through 8 in relation to Common Core-based tests.

Teachers covered on the deal are those rated “ineffective” and “developing” — a combined 11,000 members of the New York United Teachers union, Magee said.

Magee termed the bill a “pause” or a “reset” because it can allow for fixes to Common Core implementation.

“It’s not a delay or a moratorium, it’s a reset at this point,” she said.

The state Education Department remains pleased with the resolution as well, with Commissioner John King in a statement calling the bill a “safety net.”

“Despite that very small number, anxiety around the link between higher standards and teacher evaluation has persisted,” King said in a statement. “The short-term safety net around evaluation consequences proposed by the Governor and legislative leadership should relieve that anxiety while preserving a multiple measures evaluation system that includes student performance.”