Three Democratic county executives from upstate on Thursday endorsed Democratic Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s re-election.

Mark Poloncarz of Erie Conuty, Albany County’s Dan McCoy and Ulster County’s Mike Hein all gave Schneiderman their endorsement in a phone conference call and news release.

“Attorney General Schneiderman has been an indispensible partner in helping revitalize Albany County,” McCoy said in his statement. “He went after and won historic settlements from banks that engaged in the fraudulent financial practices that brought the nation’s economy to its knees. But he didn’t stop there. Attorney General Scheiderman dedicated the money he won in those settlements to helping struggling homeowners. I am proud to support his re-election for New York State Attorney General.”

Poloncarz called Schneiderman a “true advocate” for the western New York area — a region Gov. Andrew Cuomo has focused heavily on as well.

“As one of the first public officials in New York to endorse Attorney General Schneiderman when he first sought the office in 2010, I am proud once again to endorse his reelection bid because he has been a true advocate for Western New York and Erie County in particular,” Poloncarz said. “The financial assistance he provided our Land Bank is allowing us to revitalize formerly distressed neighborhoods and his efforts to combat ‘zombie properties’ will make a difference in preserving the housing values for homeowners all across Erie County. I look forward to supporting Attorney General Schneiderman in his re-election campaign to help ensure he serves another four years as our state’s top law enforcement official and chief advocate for the people of New York.”

And Hein pointed to Schneiderman’s efforts on helpin upstate counties during the financial crisis that drained local governments of revenue.

“The Attorney General’s efforts to assist upstate counties hit hard by the financial crisis show clearly that he understands the challenges facing middle class families across New York State,” Hein said. “For over three years, he has worked to ensure every New Yorker gets equal protection under the law and he’s delivering real results on that front through his Homeowner Protection Program. I wholeheartedly endorse his campaign for re-election.”

Schneiderman faces Republican John Cahill, a former top advisor to Gov. George Pataki, this fall.

Cahill’s campaign this afternoon before the county executives unveiled their endorsements officially released this statement:

As County Executives:

1. Would you sign off on hush money to silence women who are victims of sexual harassment?

2. Would you recommend parole for a violent sexual predator?

3. Would you endorse “Shoot to Wound” legislation that puts our law enforcement officers in danger?

If your answer is yes, then Eric Schneiderman is your man.

Updated: It’s pointed out to me that Schneiderman didn’t sponsor or vote for the “shoot to wound” legislation while in the state Senate, and that Schneiderman withdrew his recommendation for parole. As for the Lopez settlement, the attorney general’s office said at the time Schneiderman “did not represent the Assembly in its internal employment dispute, and had no role in approving, negotiating or authorizing any settlement reached by the Assembly.” JCOPE did not find the AG’s office committed any wrongdoing.