As the New York City Council endorses a measure backed by Sen. Jeff Klein for a 25 mph speed limit and give local community boards a say, Senate GOP Leader Dean Skelos is non-committal on the legislation.

“It’s certainly one of things that we will be discussing,” I know how important it is to Mayor de Blasio and he’s one of my best friends.”

The “best friends” line is a bit of Skelos sarcasm directed at the liberal mayor who is supporting a plan to flip the state Senate to Democratic control.

In the Assembly, meanwhile, Speaker Sheldon Silver has a different measure that was not supported by the council.

He indicated in an interview he would pass the Assembly version of the legislation if the Senate failed to come to an agreement on the bill.

“We’re holding the other one on the floor if the Senate is more comfortable with the other one,” Silver said. “If there is no home rule and no agreement with the Senate, we’ll pass the first bill for sure.”