Republican candidate for state comptroller Bob Antonacci is pushing Democratic incumbent Tom DiNapoli to stop paying Regina Calcaterra, the executive director of the now-defunct Moreland Commission To Investigate Public Corruption.

Calcaterra, who earns $175,000 a year, is still on the executive chamber’s payroll, though the commission ended in April following an ethics agreement in the state budget.

Antonacci said DiNapoli should stop approving checks to Calcaterra.

“Every two weeks, the Executive Director of the now-defunct Moreland Commission receives a check for nearly seven thousand dollars courtesy of state taxpayers for work she is no longer doing. The Governor should either show her the door or Mr. DiNapoli should refuse payment on those checks. It’s an insult to hardworking taxpayers that she continues to be paid,” Antonacci said.

Antonacci, the comptroller of Onondaga County, previously called on DiNapoli to launch an audit of the Moreland Commission’s spending.

DiNapoli’s office has said it won’t get in the way of any federal review of the commission’s work that may be going on.