Gov. Andrew Cuomo this morning in Buffalo indicated he is still considering an election-year trip to Israel, but called it “premature” to suggest such a voyage is imminent.

Cuomo’s comments come after The Wall Street Journal reported Cuomo was planning a trip to Israel – his first since 2002 and his first out-of-the-country visit since taking office as governor in 2011.

Israel used to be referred to in New York politics as one of the “three Is” – along with Italy and Ireland – the must-visit countries for candidates seeking to court immigrant voters.

Cuomo, who has rarely left the state since taking office in January 2011, said he has been corresponding with Israeli officials about the current conflict.

“This is an incredibly difficult time for Israel and standing in support of Israel is incredibly important,” Cuomo said.

He added that a visit wasn’t being planned just yet, but it remained a possibility.

“I have not yet set a plan to visit, but it’s not out of question,” Cuomo said, adding, “It’s basically a day by day situation… as soon as I know, you’ll know.”