Political opponents of Governor Andrew Cuomo were quick to pounce on an exhaustive New York Times story revealing how a top aide played a key role in directing and blocking subpoenas from the anti-corruption Moreland Commission, created last year.

The story that chronicled the governor’s involvement in the commission, as well as his secretary Larry Schwartz, provided new ammunition to the candidates running against Cuomo this elections season.

Zephyr Teachout, a Democratic candidate for governor and Fordham law professor, previously blasted Cuomo for his handling of ethics in Albany.

Gov, Andrew Cuomo should resign if he directed or even knew what his top aide was doing obstructing with the anti-corruption commission.

Teachout said the governor needs to explain his role in the Moreland Commission’s investigation.

“The people of New York deserve to know. Governor Cuomo needs to come clean immediately about what he knew his top aide was doing,” Teachout said.

While the Times story is a black eye for the governor, it remains to be seen whether his opponents can gain any traction off it. Cuomo leads Republican candidate for governor Rob Astorino by 37 percentage points, according to a Siena college poll released this week.

Astorino on Wednesday blasted Cuomo’s apparent hypocrisy of campaigning in 2010 on reforming Albany’s often murky ethics and failing to do so.

“It’s galling that a man who rode in to be a white knight is actually knee deep in scandal right now. Mr. Cuomo needs to come clean and he needs to do that right now,” said Astorino.

In response to the Westchester County Republican, the Cuomo campaign said it takes nerve for Astorino to criticize Cuomo on ethics, citing his $30,000 paycheck for an outside consulting job.

Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins, who registered six percent in that poll, says it could turn the election’s focus to ethics.

“This just corroborates what we already had an inkling was going on. I came out here saying we need a debate on jobs, but after reading that we need a debate on ethics and campaign finance reform,” Hawkins said.

Astorino, meanwhile, traveled to the Republican Governors Association meeting in Aspen to meet with donors and RGA Chairman Chris Christie.

The meeting with Astorino and Christie would come two days after Christie declared the GOP candidate in New York was unlikely to defeat Cuomo. Astorino told reporters he plans to bring a copy of the day’s New York Times.