The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart last night skewered the controversy over Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s involvement in the Moreland Commission To Investigate Public Corruption, pointing to the governor’s contradictory comments about the panel and responding, “You know that’s f— ridiculous, right?”

“You know the I-made-it, I-can-do-what-I-want-with-it excuse only works for George Lucas, right?”” he added.

Stewart’s bit also highlighted how Cuomo campaign as governor on an effort to clean up corruption in Albany, but mocked his office’s efforts to steer subpoenas from the anti-corruption commission away from politically sensitive areas.

“It turns out Gov. Cuomo may be like the boss at work that says, ‘Yeah, no, we’ll play hoops at lunch. You can go hard.’ And then when Jimmy from accounting blocks his shot and drives the lane, he’s like, ‘Hey, you’re not allowed to touch the ball because I started the game,’” Stewart joked.

Also, watch for a brief cameo — at least vocally — from our NY1 colleague, Zack Fink.