Comptroller Tom DiNapoli estimates a strike on the Long Island Rail Road could cost $50 million a day in economic activity.

In a release issued Tuesday evening, DiNapoli said that in addition to the logistical problems an LIRR strike would cause, it would also be a “devastating blow” to the surrounding service area.

“A LIRR strike would cause headaches and financial hardships for riders and businesses. It would also be another devastating blow to a region that is still struggling to recover from Superstorm Sandy and the recession,” DiNapoli said. “Both sides must go the extra mile to reach a reasonable settlement so we can avoid the costly impact of a strike and the millions of dollars in lost economic activity.”

Approximately 300,000 riders use the LIRR between Long Island and New York City daily.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, meanwhile, issued a statement this morning urging a resolution to the labor dispute.

“The Long Island Rail Road is a critical transportation system for Long Island and New York City. We must do everything we can to prevent Long Islanders from being held hostage by a strike that would damage the regional economy and be highly disruptive for commuters. Both the MTA and the LIRR unions need to put the interests of New Yorkers first by returning to the table today and working continuously to avoid a strike.”