Sen. Tom Libous, the number two ranking Republican in the state Senate, has been indicted on making a false statement to federal law enforcement, according to records unsealed on Tuesday.

In a separate, six-count indictment, the Binghamton lawmaker’s son Matthew Libous was charged with filing false tax returns and obstruction as well as making false statements regarding his income.

The case against Tom Libous, a prominent figure at the state Capitol for decades and the floor leader for the GOP conference, stems from an investigation into whether he used his clout in order to arrange a job for his son at a lobbying firm — a claim first brought to the attention of ethics regulators by then-Binghamton Mayor Matthew Ryan.

The complaint stemmed from a Yonkers corruption trial of city Councilwoman Sandy Annabi and Zehy Jereis in 2012 that featured disbarred attorney Anthony Mangone claiming Libous had made the effort for his son to be hired at his firm.

Mangone claimed in the testimony that Libous had arranged for the lobbying firm to provide the funding for Matthew Libous’ salary.

According to the indictment, the FBI and the criminal investigation division of the Internal Revenue Service were probing whether Tom Libous had arranged for his son to receive a job at a law firm in exchange for steering business, which resulted in an unnamed lobbying entity to pay the firm $50,000 in order defray costs.

A grand jury was investigating whether Libous told a partner at the law firm that it would be able to “build a new wing” in order accommodate the business that would flow in once his son was hired.

Federal law enforcement officials charge that Libous’ false statements included that he could not recall how his son started to work at the firm, no deals were made to get his son a job at the firm, he was unaware that his son’s salary was drawn in part by a lobbying entity, that he never promised to refer work to the firm and that he had no business or personal relationship with the law firm.

Matthew Libous is due to be arraigned at noon in White Plains and Tom Libous is due in court at 2:30.

His campaign finance filings show Libous has spent $75,000 on legal fees since 2012, and he has $673,000 in campaign funds left in the account.

Libous, first elected to the Senate in 1988, in recent months had been receiving treatments for a recurrence of cancer at Sloan Kettering.

The case is being brought by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, who has in recent years brought corruption cases against several prominent state lawmakers in both parties, including Sen. Malcolm Smith and Assemblyman Eric Stevenson.

There was no immediate comment from Libous’ office.

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