As concerns and tensions grow at the country’s southern border over undocumented immigrant children, Syracuse Stephanie Miner wrote in a letter released Thursday to President Obama opening her city.

“Our nation is rightly proud to point to the famous promise at the entrance to New York Harbor: ‘send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,’” Miner wrote in the letter to Obama. “Here in Syracuse, we stand ready to live up to that promise.”

Miner added in the letter that the Department of Health and Human Services as conducted a partial assessment of a potential site in Syracuse to house the children, saying her city is ready to provide a “safe and welcoming site.”

“The federal officials have been open and transparent as we work through these issues yet we feel we can move faster to mitigate this crisis. Indeed, the desire to help exists across the entire Syracuse community,” Miner wrote.

Here’s the letter:

Miner Letter to POTUS n — 7 17 14 by Nick Reisman