State Democrats are taking Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino for claims made by his campaign that aren’t holding up.

The state committee on Wednesday knocked Astorino for continuing to point to a University of Illinois study that found New York was the most corrupt state in 2010, a year before Gov. Andrew Cuomo took office.

And Democrats are also pointing to PolitiFact for calling Astorino’s claim that New York has had the worst economic recovery since the end of the recession false.

“Just days after a nationally recognized fact-checking group called him a liar for falsely trashing New York’s growing economy, ultraconservative Republican Rob Astorino just got caught at it again. This time, Astorino cited a report to attack the Governor – only problem is that the study covered a period ending before the Governor took office. This has become a predictable pattern. With no credibility and no traction, why should Rob Astorino let facts get in the way of his increasingly desperate attacks?” James Freeland, a spokesman for the state Demcorats, said.

In releasing the statement, the state party included the headline: “Rob Astorino’s Relationship With The Truth: Not BFFs Anymore.”

Updated: From Astorino campaign spokesman Bill O’Reilly, who also appears to have taken the liberty to respond in the comments below!

1. New York IS ranked as having most corrupt state government in America. And yes, that’s from the latest University of Illinois study, which was in 2010 — when Andrew Cuomo was State Attorney General. Since then, corruption has only skyrocketed in New York. The committee to investigate corruption has been corrupted for God’s sake. We stand by that language. Next time U of I reports, we’ll update.

2. UPSTATE New York has the worst economic recovery in America. New York as a whole is ranked as having the “Worst Economic Outlook” in America. (ALEC, 2014). Do the Cuomo people really want to be arguing this stuff?