A mailer being circulated by Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein’s Democratic primary opponent compares him to his pet iguana, and blasts him for forming the coalition leadership pact with Senate Republicans.

The mailer from the campaign of former city Councilman Oliver Koppell features a lizard on the front, asking “Do we really want a coldblooded political reptile representing us in Albany?”

On the bank, the mailer includes an excerpt from a 2012 New York Post editorial critical of Klein as well as a picture of the Bronx lawmaker that superimposes lizard-like scales on his face.

The mailer says Klein “cut a shady backroom deal, aligning himself with the radical, right-wing Republicans in the Senate who blocked an increase in the minimum wage, the Women’s Equality Act and the NY DREAM Act.”

Klein, of course, supports the Dream Act as well as the 10-point women’s agenda. On the latter point, he pushed to have the WEA’s abortion provision voted on in the Senate, but the measure lacked the votes to be approved.

The mailer also accuses Klein of going “to court against the Moreland Commission to avoid having to publicly disclose who is paying him for legal services while he is supposedly representing us. Klein then collaborated to terminate the Moreland Commission itself.”

Both the Assembly and Senate majorities launched an effort to quash subpoenas from the anti-corruption panel convened by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in order to wring an ethics agreement out of the Legislature. The shut down of the commission and Cuomo’s office’s involvement in the panel is now the subject of a federal investigation.

The mailer comes after Klein and Senate Democrats agreed to form a new coalition in the Senate after the November elections, effectively ending the IDC-GOP alliance in the chamber.

OliverKoppell Lizard 11×8.5 FINAL by Nick Reisman