Democratic candidate for governor Zephyr Teachout is pushing an online petition drive to get incumbent Andrew Cuomo to debate her.

Teachout writes in an email from her campaign on Friday that “instead of campaigning, I spent all day yesterday in a Brooklyn courtroom proving I’m a New Yorker.”

The court challenge to her residency is a sign the governor doesn’t want her in the primary.

“Instead of debating the issues, we’re debating what neighborhoods I lived in,” she writes. “I have a proposition for the Governor: When we win in court, and we will, I think he owes us a series of public debates on the issues facing New York.”

Of course, the online petition also nets her campaign valuable email addresses of supporters, who can be sought after for donations and for the all-important get-out-the-vote effort (Teachout, after all, was part of the embryonic digital effort for Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign).

All of this is predicated on Teachout surviving the residency challenge.

A state judge is expected to issue a ruling in the case on Monday.