A mailer from the state Democratic Committee touts both Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his running mate Kathy Hochul, and urges voters to take part in the Sept. 9 Democratic primary.

The mailer, addressed to a Democratic woman, includes a photograph of Cuomo and Hochul together.

The flyer also quotes Hochul, a former Democratic House representative from western New York, praising Cuomo’s record.

“In just four years, Governor Cuomo raised the minimum wage, reduced the middle-class income tax rate, put us on the road to universal pre-K, pass commonsense gun regulations and brought marriage equality to New York,” the mailer says.

At the same time, voters are reminded of Cuomo’s campaign pledges for a second term: Passage of the full 10-point women’s agenda, passage of the Dream Act and an effort from Cuomo to control property tax increases.

In the corner, voters are reminded to head to the polls on “September 9th.”

It’s the first piece of electioneering from the governor in his primary battle with Zephyr Teachout, a Fordham law professor, and her running mate, Columbia professor Tim Wu, albeit paid for by the state committee, which he controls.

Cuomo has not mentioned Teachout’s name in public, nor has he engaged much publicly when he is asked about the primary contest.

Still, Cuomo’s re-election campaign sought to remove Teachout from the ballot by challenging her residency status in the state. The effort was unsuccessfully in two different state courts and was ultimately dropped.