While her now-former running mate Tim Wu has endorsed the Democratic ticket on Tuesday, Fordham Law School professor Zephyr Teachout isn’t quite ready to do that.

In an interview with Susan Arbetter on The Capitol Pressroom this morning, Teachout said is taking a wait-and-see approach as to whether she’ll back Cuomo’s re-election in November.

“I still have real concerns about the governor,” Teachout said in the interview, which was conducted jointly with Wu. “I really want to see what he does during the next campaign. We still haven’t seen the debate, we still haven’t heard him answer questions about Moreland.”

Teachout netted about 34 percent of the vote on Tuesday, a stronger-than-expected showing for the little-known, first-time candidate against the deep-pocketed Cuomo campaign.

Republican candidate for governor Rob Astorino this week said he hopes Teachout supporters, presumably left-leaning Democrats, flock to his campaign.

Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins, too, is making a play for Teachout-Wu voters as well.

Wu, meanwhile, reiterated his support for the Cuomo-Hochul ticket in a Capital Tonight interview on Wednesday, saying that at the end, much less in common with Republicans.

“We were having a battle and now that the primary is over, I’m here to endorse the entire Democratic ticket and join the fight against the Republicans,” he said.

As to Cuomo’s non-engagement strategy with the primary, Teachout took issue with the lack of a debate.

“Maybe in a new media era the Rose Garden strategy doesn’t work,” she said. “I met a whole of voters who said, ‘Hey, he’s not debating you, that’s just weird.'”