Instead of promoting his new memoir, Gov. Andrew Cuomo should be setting aside time to debate, his Republican opponent Rob Astorino charged in a radio interview on Talk-1300 with Fred Dicker.

Astorino, who is running about 20 percentage points behind Cuomo in the most recent Quinnipiac University poll, knocked Cuomo for promoting the book “All Things Possible” only three weeks before Election Day.

Instead, Cuomo should be discussing hot-button issues such as the ongoing investigation into the Moreland Commission To Investigate Public Corruption.

“We need to talk about those kinds of things whether this governor wants to or not,” Astorino said. “He does not get to set the agenda for the next 18 days.”

Astorino also knocked TV stations for agreeing to interview Cuomo on the grounds they’d discuss the book.

“A real news organization,” he said, “would not permit that.”

Cuomo spoke to Capital Tonight on Wednesday about his book and why it was timed to release just before the November election.

Cuomo insisted his book was “timely” and was meant to discuss a number of issues, including his relationship with his father.

The book tour also included stops to Charlie Rose and a book-signing at Barnes Noble, which reportedly the governor’s campaign team invited donors to.

Astorino continues to push Cuomo — and the media — to press the governor on agreeing to a one-on-one television debate.

Astorino and Cuomo have agreed to a TV debate in Buffalo that includes the minor-party candidates Howie Hawkins and Michael McDermott.

Cuomo’s campaign agreed to a one-on-one radio debate, which Astorino’s campaign says is not sufficient.