All things are possible, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo says “interruptions” such as governing and running for re-election are interfering with his promoting of his new memoir, released last week.

Cuomo, in New York City earlier today to discuss airport upgrades with Vice President Joe Biden, dismissed questions about the poor reviews the book have received on Amazon (which, to be fair, were likely generated by an army of Internet-based Cuomo haters).

Speaking with reporters, Cuomo said the promotion of the book will be done “over a period of time” and not in one multiple week burst.

“It’s just started, right? I’m introducing the book, but it’s not like I can do it like you normally introduce a book,” Cuomo said. “You normally introduce a book and that’s all you do for weeks is sell the book. I’ve had a couple of interruptions that have happened in the mean time here. I have an election, I’m the governor, I have a day job, I’ve just been to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. I’m going to do this over a period of time as opposed to a sprint.”

Cuomo’s Republican opponent, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, has knocked the governor’s book promotion tour as a way of capturing publicity in the final weeks of the campaign season.

In a brief interview on Capital Tonight, Cuomo said the book’s timing was not related to the election, but meant to allow him to discuss personal issues that had been on his mind.