Gov. Andrew Cuomo in an interview with Charlie Rose copped to being a micromanaging chief executive, but didn’t apologize for his management style.

“Well, you micromanage, you should delegate more,” Cuomo said in the interview when summing up the criticism he’s received.

Added Rose: “And you’re not transparent, you should be more transparent.”

“You push too hard,” Cuomo said. “You microamange.”

Rose asked Cuomo if he pleads “guilty or not guilty” to those claims.

“You can’t have one without the other,” Cuomo said. “I plead guilty.”

Cuomo’s hands-on management style has led to some trouble in his administration, ranging from efforts to edit a report on hydrofracking or his office’s reach into the Moreland Commission To Investigate Public Corruption, which is now the subject of a federal prosecutor’s inquiry.

The management style also makes Cuomo’s claims that he is leaving the decision on debating his Republican opponent Rob Astorino up to his campaign seem disingenuous.

“I’m not sitting on a beach in the south of France saying, ‘Go ahead, guys, you run it. Good luck. I’m a delegator,'” Cuomo said in the interview.

But Cuomo insists it’s a strength, and it’s a style that comes in contrast to his immediate predecessors, including George Pataki and David Paterson, who were criticized for being disengaged.

“That’s who I am,” Cuomo said. “That’s what I told the people of this state.”