Though the campaigns of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his Republican rival Rob Astorino have tentatively agreed to a television debate, the two candidates continued to spar on Wednesday over the circumstances.

Astorino, the Westchester County executive, insisted in a Talk-1300 radio interview that Cuomo was too afraid to debate.

“He’s a coward on this,” Astorino said in the interview.

Astorino confronted Cuomo at the state Business Council’s annual meeting last month and asked about debating. Astorino said he could tell Cuomo was afraid when he “looked him right in the eye.”

Cuomo, meanwhile, blamed Astorino for there be only one debate instead of the two that his campaign accepted.

“I think two debates were sufficient,” Cuomo said. “He’s declined, he only wants to do one.”

The Cuomo campaign announced it had agreed to a televised debate in Buffalo including the Green Party and Libertarian candidates.

Astorino’s campaign had not been consulted on the terms or structure of those forums before Team Cuomo announced it had accepted those debates.

In the aftermath, Astorino said he wanted a one-on-one TV debate with Cuomo, not a radio forum.

“That’s his decision to drop out,” Cuomo said today. “It’s a little surprising. He was first I believe wanted debates. We then agreed to debate and then he didn’t want to debate.”

Astorino’s campaign has agreed to the Buffalo TV debate.