A pro-gun control organization that has been one of the more vocal supporters of the SAFE Act on Tuesday endorsed Buffalo Republican Sen. Mark Grisanti’s re-election.

Grisanti, who voted for the SAFE Act in 2013, lost his Republican primary last month to Kevin Stocker, but retains the Independence Party ballot line next month.

“We are proud to endorse Senator Grisanti for re-election,” Leah Gunn Barrett, the group’s executive director. “Mark Grisanti is a strong and independent voice in the State Senate who has always acted in the best interests of his constituents, not party bosses or monied special interest groups.”

Despite losing the primary, Senate GOP Leader Dean Skelos endorsed Grisanti’s re-election as well.

Republicans have trained most of their attacks in the 60th Senate District against Marc Panepinto for a previous election-law violation.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who supports a full Democratic takeover of the state Senate this fall, has not said whether he will endorse Grisanti, the last Republican lawmaker in the Senate to have backed same-sex marriage in 2011.

While Cuomo has said it was Grisanti’s vote for the marriage law that cost him the Republican line, the lawmaker survived re-election in 2012. It was likely Grisanti’s vote in favor of the SAFE Act, which has drawn the ire of firearms advocates and gun owners, that is most attributable to his loss.