Republican Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro is calling on Democratic state Sen. Terry Gipson’s campaign to take down a TV ad that knocks Sue Serino for backing a repeal of a residential sales-tax exemption.

“Terry Gipson’s latest ad stating state Senate candidate and County Legislator Sue Serino voted for the repeal of the exemption of sales tax on residential energy is inaccurate,” Molinaro said in a statement. “Sue voted NO on the resolution to repeal the sales tax exemption on residential energy sources and that’s a matter of fact and record (county resolution 2013341). The ad should stop running immediately.”

Serino, a county legislator, voted against a resolution to repeal the exemption, but Democrats have seized on her vote for the county budget writ large, which included built-in revenue from the sales tax.

In his statement, Molinaro says the vote for the budget, but against the tax is beside the point.

“To say or imply that Serino supported the sales tax on energy is not true,” Molinaro said. “Her opposition is and was well known even though she did vote for the county’s 2014 budget.”

The race between Gipson and Serino is considered one of the key battles for state Senate control this year.