The campaign of Republican candidate for governor Rob Astorino on Wednesday released a video featuring the candidate’s wife blasting Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s negative advertising.

In the minute-long video, Shelia Astorino criticizes Cuomo for ads that decry her husband’s support for firearms training in schools. The TV ad, plus a mailer, was paid for by the state Democratic Committee, which is controlled by the governor.

“The racial stuff, the soup ad,” she says in the ad. “We’ve seen it all. Do you really like trying to scare seniors? But now you’ve really gone too far for this mom and school teacher. Telling people my husband wants guns in classrooms? Guns in classrooms — you can’t be serious. You used an extracurricular rifle safety program in a rural Upstate county to make it sound like Rob would threaten the safety of school children? How dare you.”

Sheila Astorino up until this point has not played a large role in her husband’s campaign. She says at the outset of the video that she’s “not political.” She did make a humorous appearance in a video produced for the LCA Show by Astorino’s campaign.

But the focus on Sheila comes as Astorino faces a large gap in support from women. A Siena College poll found Cuomo leading Astorino among female voters by more than 40 percentage points.

Sheila Astorino: Cuomo’s Dishonest Attack Ads are Unforgivable from Rob Astorino on Vimeo.