Former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno advised his successor in the Republican conference to not form a new leadership coalition with Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein.

“Would I embrace Klein? No, I wouldn’t,” Bruno said in an interview on Talk-1300 with Fred Dicker.

Republicans in the state Senate on Tuesday won a clear 32-vote majority. With Brooklyn Democrat Simcha Felder once again expected to conference with the Republicans, the GOP does not necessarily need the five-member IDC.

“I have 33 votes,” Bruno said. “You need 32 votes to pass legislation. I passed many bills with 32 votes, important bills.”

Republicans fell into a numerical minority in 2012, but formed a leadership coalition with Klein and his breakaway conference that allowed them retain power in the Senate.

Under that agreement, Klein and Skelos jointly decide on which bills will come to the floor for a vote.

Now that arrangement remains in doubt following the defeat of three incumbent Democrats in the mainline conference upstate. For now, Skelos will not say what will happen to the IDC-GOP alliance. It is not expected the IDC will return to the mainline conference, either.

Skelos, meanwhile, is expected to remain the leader of the Senate Republicans, a job he took after Bruno retired in 2008.

“If I were Dean, I would be the Republican leader, I would stand for Republican ideals, I would go back to the basics,” Bruno said.